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Manhattan Loft

I Love New York: Manhattan Loft
I’ve mentioned before that I love looking at interior design and that I would need multiple future residences for all the different tastes I have. Well, in my dream land I would have a loft in New York City. In my dream loft, the living room would be lined with huge floor to ceiling windows. But, let’s look at the kitchen, one of my favorites rooms of a house.
I love this kitchen with it’s warm wood, stainless steel appliances and long farm table dinner table. The exposed beams give a warm, cozy feel to the kitchen and I can imagine having cozy dinners with family and friends there. I also love the hanging lightbulbs and can just imagine the ambience of the room at night. It’s like a country/farmhouse feel in the city.
Fresh flowers are my favorite so I would always have some on the table. Stools for the long counter are also a must. Lastly, with all the wood and stainless steel, I think fun, bright colored dishes like these coffee cups and saucers is a nice touch.
Do you ever dream of having a loft in New York City or any other major city?

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