Muffin Tin Omelettes

Whenever I’m looking for new recipes to try out on Pinterest, breakfast recipes seem to dominate. I’m not the biggest breakfast eater, but I do love to try out new things and recipe ideas. I’ve seen a couple different takes on these omelettes made in muffin tins. Here’s what I did…


I greased the muffin tin, put some frozen tater tots into each slot, and then baked them.


While the tater tots baked, I cut up some bell peppers and baked ham that I had left over. I also used an onion, which isn’t pictured here.


Once the tater tots were done, I used a measuring cup to smash them down. They serve as the base for the omelettes.


I whisked together some eggs, salt, pepper and milk.


I added some peppers, ham and onions to each one before pouring the egg on top.


I added some cheddar cheese to some of them and left the other ones plain before putting the tray back into the oven.



They weren’t too difficult to pop out, which is always a plus. They were definitely full of flavor and I love that they are small if you don’t want to eat an entire regular sized omelette. It’s also perfect for me since I’m not a huge breakfast eater!

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