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Cinderella’s Glass Slipper

Cinderella opens in theaters on Friday and this new installment to Disney’s live-action fairy tale is much anticipated. I love Disney movies and I’m a sucker for fairy tales. I don’t think I’m alone in loving the tale of Cinderella. Who wouldn’t want a fairy godmother who transforms you into the belle of the ball. All she wanted was to get to go to the ball, dance and have fun. Who knew she would end up dancing with the prince who would fall head over heels for her and scour the kingdom to find her again? I just love it and who knew a pair of shoes could change your life forever?!

Perhaps the most iconic part of Cinderella is her glass slipper, which is why 9 well-known designers designed their version of the glass slipper. Below are the glass “slippers” and their prices.


Paul Andrew – $2,000 – These shoes are so gorgeous in their simplicity. I love the rhinestones at the heel.


Alexandre Birman  – $1,180 – These shoes seem much more suited for the average consumer. Something I would buy for a party or wedding, but not at that price!


Rene Caovilla – $1,600 – A much more modern take on the glass slipper, these shoes take on the blue aspect of the glass.


Jimmy Choo  – $4,595 – Talk about sparkle! These shoes are decked out in glitz and the glass bow/flower (?) are the glam final touch.


Salvatore Ferragamo  – A simpler take on the glass slipper compared to some of the previous shoes. I like the black accents and the gold stacked look of the heel.


Nicholas Kirkwood – $1,495 – I absolutely love the purple hue of these shoes, the bedazzled pointed toe, the encrusted heels and the bows in the back.


Charlotte Olympia  – These are the only shoes that I couldn’t find the price of. They look to be the least expensive due to the style and material. I’m not a big fan of the platform look, but this would definitely cater to those that are .


Jerome C. Rousseu – $795 – These shoes seem to be the most affordable of the bunch! They are the only all black pair – who says your glass slipper has to be clear or white? These are also another pair that seem like a style anyone can pull off.


Stuart Weitzman  – $3,500 – Booties are all the rage and why wouldn’t Cinderella wear a pair too? If you look closely, you can see that these booties are actually see-through which gives a really cool effect on your feet with the silver studs.

Do you like any of these shoes that these designers have created? I think my favorite is the Nicholas Kirkwood pair followed closely behind by the Paul Andrew pair. Anyone want to buy me $1,500 shoes? No?


Source: http://www.people.com

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