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Updated Dress Down Friday Post

If you’re new or newer to my blog, you may not know that I’m a high school teacher and at my school on Fridays we can dress down if we wear our staff shirt. For the first few months of school, the shirts haven’t been ordered yet meaning I can have a true casual Friday. But by December, the shirts are usually in and I’m left to wear a shirt that is not flattering, a shiny kind of polyester, and despite always ordering a size small, is still huge on me.

Anyway, back in December, I wrote a post about trying to make the look my own and pairing the shirt with things that reflect my style. I decided it was time for an updated look which is quite similar to the original one I posted, but seeing as it’s been over 2 months, I think I’m overdue.


I paired the shirt with another cocoon sweater, which I did back in December, but this is a bigger, looser, bat wing sweater. I wore light grey jeggings and black UGGs. I normally don’t wear UGGs to work, because even though it’s dress down Fridays, I don’t want to be too casual, but this winter has been really cold so with real feel temperatures in the negatives in the morning, warmth and comfort are my first priority!

Sweater: JJ Always via Kohls
Pants: Uniqlo
Boots: Bailey Button UGG

Do any of you have the privilege of having casual Fridays at work? If so, do you have dress requirements like me?

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