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Photo Challenge: Blur

This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Blur”. This was a little tough for me to do because I’m away on vacation in Florida and I think it would be a lot easier to complete this challenge if I had my other camera with me where I could do a manual focus. However, since this trip was consisting primarily of going to Disney and going on rides, I didn’t want to have to carry it with me. So, I’ve got my iPhone and Canon Powershot Elph.

So how was I able to complete this challenge? First, I chose my shot. On the first night here at Disney, we were at Downtown Disney and the carousel was all lit up and I thought that would be a great shot. I tried a couple things, but they still came out clear and in focus (who would have thought that would ever be a problem?). So what I did may make you laugh – I decided to move my hand while taking the picture. I probably looked pretty ridiculous! I would hold the button down halfway for the autofocus and then as I clicked I moved my hand to the right really quick!


I think the result is pretty cool!

I’ll be posting my Day 6 recap of this vacation later today! Sadly, my vacation is coming to an end this weekend and it’ll be back to the real world, but I have quite a few more trips coming up in the next few months to fill you all in on.

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