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Eating My Way Around the World

If you couldn’t guess from the title of my post, I spent yesterday at Epcot! Epcot only has a handful of rides, but what it’s most famous for is having a a whole area of the park showcasing a bunch of different countries. I fully intended to be continuously eating throughout the day, though there are a few countries I didn’t get to snack from because I was just too full.

First off, I want to apologize if any of these pictures look blurry! The night before I went about loading pictures to my laptop and all that good blogging stuff before bed and my camera did not say “low battery” or anything like that. Then, as soon as I arrive at the park Wednesday morning, I turn on my camera and it says “Change battery pack”! So all these pictures are from my phone.

Day 5



Top: Signorelli via Lord & Taylor
Camisole: Forever21
Shorts: Express

Since I was going to be eating a lot yesterday, I went for this loose fitting tank top. I love the aztec print and the bright pink.

As mentioned earlier, Epcot doesn’t have a lot of rides, but one ride I’m really glad we got to go on was Soarin’. It is so cool and you feel like you’re flying over California. We had a FastPass+ for it, which if you didn’t read my post yesterday about how awesome FastPass+ is, go ahead and check that out. I’m so thankful we did have it reserved though because we waited about 10 minutes to go on whereas if you were just in the regular line, the estimated wait time was 155 minutes! You heard that right, 155!

But onto all the food, in all the countries I “visited” yesterday, which is the real star of the show.






In France I got Quiche Lorraine and a hazelnut chocolate filled Beignet.



In Japan I got Shaved Ice (rainbow flavor) and Fruit Sushi or Fruishi, which was made with fruits and coconut rice – so tasty! I definitely want to try to recreate this this summer.


In Morocco, I got a Falafel Wrap. So good! I shared half of this wrap with my cousin and it was the perfect amount. It’s hard to see the falafel, but I swear it’s there under the lettuce!


In America I got the Burnt Ends Hash.



After walking around some more to burn off all those calories, we headed to dinner at Via Napoli in Italy.




I got the Pasta e Fagioli Soup and we shared a large pizza and for dessert we shared Zeppolis. Zeppolis remind me of the street fairs at home and in Little Italy in NYC.


We finished off the night by watching the light and fireworks show.






I love fireworks! They never get old for me and nobody does them better than Disney in my opinion. So I know I got to sample some really great foods, but I really wish I had gotten to sample some snacks in Mexico, Germany, China, and that I had gotten to go back to the crepe cart in France. There just wasn’t enough time (so much walking!) and not enough room in my stomach. Seriously, I wish I could’ve eaten more but they probably would’ve had to roll me out. I’ll be back one day, Epcot!

Today’s our last full day in Disney before the road trip back to Georgia on Friday and my flight home on Saturday so this whole series will be wrapping up soon. I will have a few more recaps days and a full restaurant review coming up. I plan to have this all wrapped up by Sunday morning.

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