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Disney FastPass+ is King

Or Queen, considering that the majority of my readers are female! Before I get into my recap of Day 4, let me explain FastPass+ and why it is one of my top travel tips for Disney. Back in the day when I was little and visiting Disney with my family, we would have to wait in line for what seemed like ages to go on rides. Some lines are still super long today, but with FastPass+ you can really cut down on a ton of the wait time. You can schedule rides/reserve a spot for specific time slots way in advance. We reserved ours weeks ago. So for example, a ride that has a wait time of 80 minutes would be a 5 minute wait for you with your FastPass+! So worth it right? The only thing is you can only book 3 rides per day at a time, but once you’re done with all 3 you can go to a kiosk and load more onto your Magic Band. The Magic Bands are another piece of wonderfulness.

IMG_2926You use the Magic Band to enter your hotel room (if you’re staying at a Disney hotel), pay for anything from your restaurant bill to Mickey Mouse ears at the souvenir shop, and it’s also your ticket into the parks and your FastPass+! All you have to do is match up your Mickey Mouse emblem to the Mickey Mouse emblem on the scanner or the metal scanner at the FastPass+ lane, it lights up cause magic and voila! So convenient, and don’t worry about accidentally charging things – when you buy something after it scans your band, you also need to insert a pin #.

But seriously, my travel tip for you if you go to Disney is to definitely do FastPass+. You will save hours and that’s not an exaggeration!

Okay, I’ll make my recap quick today – it’ll be mostly told in pictures.

Day 4

  • Take-out breakfast from the hotel food court to enjoy by the pool.



  • Then, we were off to Animal Kingdom Lodge (the resort that’s associated with Disney’s Animal Kingdom) for lunch at Sanaa. As we waited for our table, we saw some of the animals outside.

Top: LC Lauren Conrad – Cinderella Collection via Kohls
Shorts: SO via Kohls
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Can you spot the giraffe behind me?!

I knew I had to pack my 2 LC Lauren Conrad Cinderella Collection items with me to go to Disney! Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

  • Lunch at Sanaa was great. It’s African with Indian spices and influences. We got the Bread Service as an appetizer and I got the Tandoori Chicken as my entree and the Tapioca Pudding with Chai Spiced Berries for dessert. Yum!





  • Next, we were off to Magic Kingdom where we went on lots of rides. I think my favorite is the new (at least new to me) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride. I think it opened last year. So fun! We indulged in some amusement park food and stayed until our feet ached too much to go on. Did you know the parks are open until like 1am these days?! I love Magic Kingdom at night. It’s calmer, the weather is more pleasant, and everything is lit up so beautifully.

Cinderella Castle during the day

Dole Whip



Caught the finale of the fireworks after getting off the Buzz Lightyear ride.

My first time seeing the new Beauty & the Beast castle! I think Beauty & the Beast is my fav animated Disney movie.

Cinderella Castle at night

Magic Kingdom is still as awesome after all these years and all the visits I’ve made to it since I was a little girl until now. But seriously, plan ahead and get a FastPass+ – you’ll thank me later!


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