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Jouer is a brand that I’ve heard about for a few years and I’m just trying now. You (or at least I) don’t hear about it too much in the blogosphere as compared to other mid to high-end brands like MAC or Urban Decay and Chanel or Estee Lauder. I first heard about it on YouTube a few years ago and have always had the brand in the back of my mind to one day check out. Well, today is that day! A little while ago I was making an order on Nordstrom and of course needed to browse around aka online window shopping. I remembered that Nordstrom carried Jouer and wandered on over to that page.

I decided to buy the Blushing Beauty palette because it has a couple different products in one bundle so I could try out a few of their products at once.


So what’s really cool about this palette is that it’s not a palette in the traditional sense. These are all individual small-sized products that can be separated by just sliding them apart. The palette retails for $66, which is a bit pricey but I’m also going to show you how this is a good value compared to if you buy these products individually.

The palette includes:


Sheer Matte Powder & Bronzer Duo ($30) and Moisturizing Lip Gloss in the shade “Cherish” ($22)


Whisper Tint & Feather Highlighter Duo


Chocolat & Peach Powder Eyeshadow Duo

The tint & highlighter and the eyeshadow duo aren’t sold individually and only come with the Blushing Beauty set. So far, on the products that you can buy individually you’ve already spent $52 and then you get 2 more products and judging by the prices of the lip gloss and powder, I think it’s safe to say that the palette is a good value.


Here’s what it looks like when they’re all taken apart. It’s very compact and would be easy to travel with.



Sorry for the blurriness in the top photo. It’s hard to get my camera to focus just on my face when it’s on a timer! But, I think even through the blurriness you get a good idea of what the colors look like on my face. These pictures were taken before I went to Florida, so I’m currently a bit tanner, but this is how the products looked on my winter face.

So what did I think of the Blushing Beauty palette? I think all the colors are wonderfully natural and definitely enhance natural beauty. The products were easy to use, except the tint and highlighter are so small that they weren’t as easy. I definitely like this palette for it’s natural pink tones. The lipgloss was beautiful on and felt really nice on the lips. The consistency of the gloss is a bit thicker which is good for wear-time and the applicator moved slowly – not exactly dragging, but more of a feeling like you have a tremendous amount of control.

Would I try more products by Jouer? I’d definitely like to try out more things from this brand especially their face products such as their moisture tints since that’s what I used to hear about all the time on YouTube. While the brand is a bit pricey, I definitely think this palette was worth the value with everything you got to try out. Again, my only complaint would be the size of the tint and highlighter, but they are cream products so I suppose a little goes a long way.

Have any of you tried any Jouer products? Any recommendations?

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