Review: Kiko Eye Quad & Frosted Look Lipstick

Back in March, I posted a little haul from Kiko Milano – my first ever items purchased from the brand. I got the eye quad in “Color Fever” and a Frosted Look Lipstick in “Rosetto”. Here are my thoughts!

The quad is sparkly in the pan, but is much more wearable on than you would think. There is a hint of glitter, but it doesn’t transfer much so you’re not going to be walking around with glittery lids. That can be good or bad depending on whether you had bought the quad wanting that look.

The shades don’t swatch very pigmented on my arm, at least not on camera, but in person they looked more pigmented than here. The shades were easily blendable and soft. I didn’t notice any fallout when applying, but when I looked hours later, there was a little bit of glitter on the outside of my eyes/below my eyes but nothing too noticeable and was easily brushed away. It’s important to note that I also only noticed the fall out when looking close up in a mirror.




I really love the lipstick! It is my perfect shade and applied so smoothly. It’s definitely one of those “your lips but better” shades and the formula was nice and creamy. I would definitely go back to the store and look into some more shades to pick up.



As I said earlier, these are the only two items I have from the brand so far, but I’m impressed and would definitely go back and try some more products, especially the lip products!

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