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A Day at Princeton

A few days ago I went with my 9th graders to visit Princeton University. For any of you who aren’t from the states, Princeton is one of our Ivy League universities and is located right here in New Jersey. We sat through an info session about academics, student life, admissions, financial aid etc. Then, we toured the campus and finally, ate lunch in one of the dining halls which was probably the students’ favorite part of the field trip. It seems no matter where you go on a field trip, the students’ favorite part is when they get to eat. You can go to an amusement park and the highlight of the trip will still be stopping at McDonald’s on the way back.

Anyway, here is what I wore and a two shots from when we were walking around campus!


Tank Top: Old Navy
Pants: LOFT
Watch: Fossil

It’s amazing how much lighting can change the appearance of the color of a blouse! I feel like the true color of my blouse is inbetween the two pictures. It’s not quite as vibrant as that top picture, but definitely not as dark as the bottom. Neither picture has been retouched fyi! The only difference was the top picture included the flash on my camera and the bottom one didn’t.

I love this blouse. It is so comfortable and lightweight, yet looks very professional. The only thing that annoys me a little bit about this top is the elastic at the bottom of the sleeves. The sleeves hit just below the elbows and the elastic is pretty tight so I feel like I’m constantly pulling the sleeves down. I think it just hits at an awkward spot so it is constantly riding up.



The campus is beautiful. Being around these old, beautiful buildings and pristine campus, makes me wish I could go back to college. And I don’t mean going back to school now for another degree, but actually going back in time and going back to school as an undergrad – when life was simpler and and more worry free!

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