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Photo Challenge: Motion

For the latest The Daily Post Photo Challenge, “Motion”, I’m going with a #FlashbackFriday. When I saw that motion was this week’s photo challenge, as soon as I started to think of what past pictures I had that could work, I immediately thought of this picture of me from way back in 2007.

During my spring break in 2007, I went to England to visit my friend who was studying abroad. I went with 2 girl friends…well, technically 5 other girls, but that’s a long story. We booked a day trip that took us to multiple places such as Windsor Castle, Bath, and Stonehenge. I think this jumping picture of me at Stonehenge is a great example of motion.

I think I have my years of dancing to thank for being able to jump so high right off the ground!

In The Daily Post’s post about this challenge, Jen Hooks wrote, “Capturing motion is a beautiful way to convey a story in a photograph”. This trip was so memorable, a lot of fun, and packed with so much within a week. Not only packed with sightseeing and fun outings, but also things like breaking up our group of 6 and deciding it was better to go our separate ways for the remaining 6 days of our trip, meeting new people, finding our way not just around London, but also on a day trip to Paris, having a fever of course on the day I went to Paris, and much more. I’m not really in touch with the girls I went on this trip with anymore, but thinking back to this trip still brings a smile to my face. So going back to the quote, I think it’s definitely true. I look at this photograph and all these memories come back to me and it’s like I’m reliving the moment and all the little moments that came before and after it.

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