Photo Challenge: Enveloped

It’s Friday which means it’s Photo Challenge Friday over here on the blog! This week’s challenge from The Daily Post is “Enveloped” and surprise surprise, I’ve chosen another flower picture. But, it’s spring so bear with me! As I thought about what I could possibly take a picture of that would capture the idea of “enveloped”, I noticed that the peonies in my yard were getting ready to bloom and it was a lightbulb moment. I thought this flower bud that is getting ready to open and unfold and blossom into a beautiful flower was the perfect example.

This photo is taken from above and I think it really shows how the petals are all enveloped inside this bud just waiting to come out and show off it’s beauty.



      1. Karen Rees

        Nope not at all Jamie – the detail in the pic is beautiful, I think it’s fantastic!! Flowers are always such great subjects for stunning photographs! Xo

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