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Prom With a View

Last night I chaperoned my 4th prom so now I’ve been to 5 proms (including my own). Last year I started my blog shortly before prom and I posted about it here if you haven’t seen it and you’re interested in checking it out. So prom last night was at Chart House — there are multiple locations (I think throughout the US) and the one we were at is right on the Hudson River giving spectacular views of New York City. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already got a sneak peak.

I got home from work yesterday, got to relax for a little bit, did some more packing (when this post goes live I’ll be flying to California for the weekend!) and then needed to get myself together. I decided to wear basically the same face makeup that I’ve been wearing all week but changed up my eye makeup.



I wanted to look a little more glam than my everyday makeup, but I also didn’t want to make it too dramatic or elaborate because it’s not my prom. Like I said earlier, I essentially kept all the face makeup the same as my weekly basket this week. What I changed was my eyeshadow and lash goodies. I used these 3 Inglot shadows from my Freedom System Palette (Inglot lets you create your own palettes and it’s called the Freedom System), a sparkly shadow from MAC in the shade “amethyst”. I thought the lilac, sparkly shadow would look great to top off the center of the lid. The last thing I changed was using my Younique Fiber Lash System that I received for Christmas. I’m awful at putting on false eyelashes myself so this fiber system is the next best thing! Expect a full review soon!

Now onto what I wore. I decided to “recycle” a dress from last summer. I wore this dress to my friend’s wedding last summer and if Kate Middleton can pull off wearing things multiple times so can I! I styled it a bit differently this time around.




I didn’t wear any jewelry  because I wanted to keep it simple. Plus I thought the dress had enough sparkly studs to dress it up. I went with these silver/pewter heels instead of black like last time. The shoes tie in nicely with the studs on the shoulders and back of the dress.

After pretty much killing my phone using the GPS to the venue, I arrived and the place was really nice and had an amazing view of NYC (hence the title of the post).



The food was good, the venue was awesome especially with this view, and my phone was saved since all the students brought their phone chargers. Here’s to many more proms!

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