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Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day

This week’s photo challenge is a little different. The Daily Post challenged participants to make a Mesh gallery depicting a good day — “Today Was a Good Day”. I haven’t gone anywhere or done anything particularly picture worthy since the challenge was posted last week and I didn’t want to dig into my archives for this one. But I went back to work this week so I thought that last Sunday, aka my last official day of summer, was a good opportunity to take some photos and hoped it would be a good day overall.

What I have for you in my mesh gallery are photos chronicling my last day of summer break!

  1. I started off my day with a cup of coffee in my Starbucks mug from Waikiki, Hawaii and working on the blog.
  2. I treated myself to a bath which is an extremely rare occasion. Don’t worry, I do shower daily! I just am not usually a bath person.
  3. Next up, I went to Kohl’s because I had Kohl’s Cash to spend! The lovely cashier also gave me an extra 15% off so my day was looking pretty good.
  4. I wore a fun and pretty maxi dress which I posted about yesterday.
  5. It was a beautiful day!
  6. I picked up a salad from Salad Works on my way home.
  7. I met up with a friend to catch up at Starbucks and had my fav – a Mocha Frappachino. And guess what?! I had a starbucks reward so my drink was free! My day was really looking good now.
  8. The weather was good throughout the day and the sunset was beautiful.
  9. I ended the night by watching Netflix and lighting my peach scented candle that I got in my Aster Market Box in August.

This was a fun challenge! I might do this again where I share snapshots of my day. Let me know what you guys think!

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