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1 Maxi Dress – 3 Ways

Earlier this summer I picked up this maxi dress that I loved at first sight. Not only was the print pretty but when I tried it on the material was so comfortable so I knew I had to have it. But what really sealed the deal was that it can be worn not one, but three ways! I wore it this past weekend and decided to take some pictures of the different ways it can be worn — as a maxi dress, midi dress, and maxi skirt. Now, if I was taller it would look more like a midi dress but I’m short so it doesn’t quite look like a midi dress on me. Instead it looks more like a long dress between calf/ankle length. Oh and try to disregard my tan lines. That sole day at the beach I had this summer really did a number on me!


I like wearing it as a traditional maxi, but as you can see it is really long. It’s manageable if I’m wearing wedges/wedge sandals though.


For my height, folding it up to make it calf length or as a “midi” dress works best on me.


Then, you can wear it as a skirt which is fun too! It is a bit trickier though because since you’re folding it down further you have to be careful of what kind of top you choose to pair it with so that the thicker fold doesn’t look bulky.



Dress: Mudd via Kohls

I love the colors and patterns on this piece and the material is so soft and stretchy. I can definitely see myself wearing it any of these 3 ways. On this particular day I wore it as a maxi for the first part of the day and then when I needed to be out and about I wore it as a midi because it was more practical while I was walking around.

The dress is currently still available. There are 8 color options and it’s on sale for $15.99! Click on the link above if you’re interested in checking it out for yourself! I would definitely consider picking up another one for next summer.

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