Runway Collections: Ready to Wear Sizes?

Happy Wednesday! We’ve made it to the middle of the week hopefully unscathed. I have a little bit of a different kind of post for you today and that is a look at my recent experience purchasing off the rack items from a runway collection. This post is a little lengthy, but I have a lot to say so please bear with me!

If you follow my outfit of the day or OOTD posts that frequently appear on this blog, you may have noticed that more often than not my clothing items that come from Kohl’s are from the LC Lauren Conrad brand. I want to preface this post, by saying that I absolutely adore her line, which is evident since I purchase so many items from the line! During this past fashion week, LC Lauren Conrad made its runway debut with a “Runway Collection”. Many people were excited by this line, myself included. Very quickly after its fashion week debut, the items were already available for purchase on the Kohl’s website so I of course found myself taking a look at what was available. I found a few items that I loved right away: 2 lace trimmed blouses and 2 skater skirts.

The blouses are very pretty and I have no issues with them so I’m not including pictures of those in this post, but I’m sure they’ll be featured in future fashion posts. The main point of this post is the skirts. Despite my love for LC Lauren Conrad, I was incredibly disappointed with these two skirts from the Runway Collection. For a line that I’m usually so pleased with, I really did not think I would be let down with the Runway Collection. I decided to order online because when I checked out the line, it was selling out fast. I saw that many sizes were already gone, so since I trust the brand I decided to get the size I’ve gotten before in pants/jeans from the brand – it’s also the size I normally wear in other brands as well.


Above are the online images that sold me on these skirts. They looked so pretty. I loved the green floral scuba knit skirt and the wine colored velvet skirt looked perfect for the winter and holiday season. Both paired with white blouses such as the lace trimmed ones I bought would be holiday perfection.

When I received the skirts I remember my first thought upon taking them out of the packaging was that both were incredibly heavy fabrics. The velvet skirt seriously made me think of heavy, old fashioned curtains. It was so thick and heavy. The next thing I noticed as I held them up was the waist looked extremely small. I thought to myself, “this will never fit!” Still, I proceeded to tell myself it has to fit – it was my size after all!

Sadly, the skirts did not fit whatsoever. And believe me, I tried to make them fit! I tried pulling them up higher on my waist as many of us do for a narrower part of our bodies to zip up the skirt (is that just me?). That didn’t work. I tried lowering it down on my hips – that was a fail too. There was no way I was going to get either of these skirts zipped and I’m not talking about a fraction of an inch not zipping up that I could possibly work with. I’m talking about a good two inches at least.

It was incredibly frustrating and I was so disappointed. Could I have gotten my size wrong? Did I think I was a smaller size than I really am??

I decided to measure these skirts against a pair of jeans I own from Express that are the same number size.





I couldn’t believe the size discrepancy!! I mean, look at those pictures above! How can my jeans, that are supposedly the same size as these skirts, be inches larger than the skirts? And as I’m sure all of my female readers know, when it comes to any sort of bottoms (jeans, pants, skirts, etc.) there is very little room for error. The tiniest bit can make a huge difference in fit and this is not the tiniest error. I am fully confident that my jeans are not mis-sized so my conclusion is that the sizes for these skirts from the Runway Collection are wrong. I’m also aware that sizes differ across stores and brands, but this discrepancy is just ridiculous. This disheartens me because this is a big difference in size. Yes, this is a runway collection and yes, I’m not a model. But, this particular collection was made for the regular consumer. The entire purpose of this collection was for it to be sold to the average person so I really don’t understand what they thought they were doing with these ridiculous sizes. It is very clear that these skirts should not have been labeled the size they are.

I understand that there’s a whole culture of runway models being very waif-ish and skinny and what have you, but when you are marketing a product for “regular” people than you need to stay true to normal sizes and not some “model” size. What really troubles me is that I’m sure there are young women who bought these skirts and found they did not fit them and did not think to measure them against other items like I did. It troubles me because I can’t help but think that they immediately thought they had gained weight or that they were bigger than they thought they were. But it’s not them, it’s the skirts and these awful wrong sizes!

Sorry if this started to sound like a rant, but I really wanted to share my thoughts on this whole debacle. I still love the LC Lauren Conrad line in general and this hasn’t put me off from buying from the brand, but it does give me pause and makes me really question what these designers are thinking when they come up with these sizes.

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