Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

It’s Thursday! We’ve made it past the middle of the week and we’re almost to the weekend!

I’m so excited to share with you my thoughts on the Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara. It was in my October Favorites and I think I’ve mentioned it once or twice before in the past month. I’ve granted it holy grail status, which is a huge deal.




A while ago I went to Sephora and while talking to one of the girls there I asked her if she could suggest a mascara to me that would hold a curl. My lashes are stick straight and despite using an eyelash curler daily my curled lashes fall in no time. She immediately brought me over to this little gem of a mascara and it was seriously the best product suggestion I’ve ever gotten!

Here is the description of the mascara provided by Dior on the Sephora website:

Create glamorously curled lashes day after day. Inspired by professional curling irons, the curved brush styles every lash from bottom to top. High-precision ingredients provide intense definition and hold without clumping or smudging. Creating instant oversized volume and curl, this evolutionary formula nourishes your lashes with a unique lipid complex that strengthens and smooths for long-lasting vitality.

I was really interested to see if this mascara would live up to its name since in my experience many products don’t always quite live up to their claims. Since I’ve already gushed about my love for this mascara, I’m sure you can guess that the mascara definitely lives up its claim!

I always wonder whether the curved mascara brushes really do anything to help lashes curl. I have no idea whether its the brush, the formula, or a combination of both, but what I do know is that it absolutely, positively works. The mascara evenly coats my lashes and keeps the shape of my lashes after I’ve used my eyelash curler. I’ve read some reviews  that say the mascara resulted in clumpy lashes, but I really have not experienced that. The only time I came close to clumpy lashes was on a day that I had too much product on the brush. I normally make sure to remove any excess product on the brush.

I wanted to take pictures of my lashes, but I couldn’t get any good closeup pictures of my eyes/eyelashes! This mascara didn’t just keep my lashes curled for an hour or a few hours. It keeps my lashes curled all day long. Seriously, I apply my makeup around 6:30am before work and on days that I don’t remove my makeup until bedtime the mascara’s been on for over 12 hours and my lashes look exactly the same as when I applied the mascara in the morning. It’s amazing!

My only complaint is that sometimes halfway through the day there’s a little bit of smudging but it’s minimal and honestly, in my opinion, it’s a small price to pay for a mascara that will keep my lashes curled from work time to bed time! It’s definitely a pricey mascara and you can buy a drugstore mascara for a fraction of the price, but this is hands down the best mascara I’ve ever tried. As it is pricey, it’s not going to be the mascara that I will exclusively use from now on, but it is a product that I will definitely repurchase and splurge on every once in a while.

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