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Photo Challenge: Ornate

I’m so happy it’s Friday. Yesterday was one of those days at work that wasn’t horrible, but still felt like at every turn something was going wrong. It was just one thing after another so I’m welcoming Friday with open arms and hoping today is super smooth!

This past week’s photo challenge was “Ornate”. Originally I was going to go with a picture of La Grand-Place, the famous square in Brussels, Belgium because that entire square is filled with the most intricate and ornate buildings. However, I didn’t feel like the photos I had on hand did the beautiful square justice nor did it really showcase how ornate the architecture is. I didn’t have time during the week to look through my other saved folders to find a better picture so I decided to go with another picture I had readily available.

I’ve mentioned this before, but a few years ago I went to Las Vegas with my friend during spring break (one of the perks of being a teacher). One of the evenings we were there, we went to the Cosmopolitan Hotel for some drinks. My friend had heard about The Chandelier.

chandelier bar copy

The Chandelier is a 3-part bar/lounge. The bottom floor is described as a classic casino bar. The middle floor is described as a “sophisticated cocktail haven”. Lastly, the top floor where I took this photo, is “an inviting lounge that showcases the splendor of The Chandelier, providing guests with a glimpse into the mystique and magic of the world within.”

Vegas is pretty well-known for it’s bright lights and glitzy decor. Most of the venues in Vegas are either classy or gaudy. I thought The Chandelier was on the classier side with its beaded curtains that drop from the ceiling down 3 floors. As you relax with your cocktail, you are immersed in thisΒ ornate,Β beaded chandelier and you feel like you’re in a sparkling bubble in your own little high-class world.

So there you have my take on “Ornate” for the week! Enjoy your Friday!

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