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December 2015 Favorites

December 2015 Favorites


Well it’s officially 2016, but I still need to talk about my December 2015 favorites!
  • OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum – My skin has been crazy dry lately and this serum has seriously been helping. I reviewed it back here and stopped using it regularly whilst I tried other things. Now, I’m back to using it one to two times a day and it’s working wonders.
  • Maybelline Color Whisper – I don’t think Maybelline carries this line anymore or else it’s very hard to find, but I rediscovered mine in the shade “Lust for Blush” and I love it so much that I wish the line was still around! It’s lightweight and amazingly moisturizing. It reminds me of Revlon’s lip butters or L’oreal’s Colour Riche balms.
  • Kate Spade iPhone Case – I got the iPhone 6s last week and I’m in love with my new phone case. This isn’t the exact one I have, but it’s close. The only I have has diagonal rose gold stripes that are a little thinner, but you get the general idea.
  • Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies – Okay, it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for Hallmark Channel movies and the Christmas ones are some of my favs. The channel played 1-2 new ones every weekend for the past 2 months and it was the best thing ever. I do have a bone to pick with the channel about one of the movies though. They played a movie called “The Bridge” and it was pretty good. Then, I was thinking to myself “I wonder how this is going to end because it doesn’t seem to be wrapping up anytime soon, but then again, Hallmark has a knack for wrapping everything up in the last 2 minutes of the movie”. The end came and it said “To be continued”. What?! And no, part 2 wasn’t playing the following weekend or something. Part 2 isn’t playing until Christmas 2016!!!! And they played a preview so they clearly have already filmed it. So frustrating.

With the wrap up of the holiday season, I had to pick a Christmas song as my favorite song of December. The song I picked is….

Pentatonix – “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”. I love this version!

I hope you all had a great end to 2015 and I wish you all the best for 2016!

P.S. For any fellow Sherlock fans out there, don’t forget there’s a New Year’s Special on tonight!

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