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Happy New Year!

The start to the year has already been off on a whirlwind so hopefully it’s not an indication that the rest of the year will be nuts. As we enter the new year and the holiday season is officially over, I always get the post-Christmas blues. These blues usually set in during Christmas day. I love the holiday cheer and decorations and then it’s over so quickly. While being so down about how quickly it’s passing, I try to remind myself to appreciate the “now” and enjoy the moment. The subject of The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge couldn’t have come at a better time.

Christmas Morning - Wrapping Paper

For months, weeks, or days you’ve had Christmas gifts hidden away and leading up to Christmas you might have them wrapped under the tree. There’s so much anticipation. You wonder if your friends and loved ones will like what you’ve picked out for them. You wonder what’s inside the boxes that have your name on them.Β Then, Christmas morning comes and all the gifts have been opened and you’re left with a pile of wrapping paper and this feeling of “well…what now…?”

Obviously, Christmas doesn’t end with presents nor is it all about presents, but it can feel like the endΒ of the holiday post-presents. Taking this photo after all the gifts were unwrapped allowed me to press pause and take in the moment. It allowed me to remember that even though presents were done with, it was still Christmas morning and to enjoy the “now”.

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