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A Little Sparkle

I recently got over a bad cold that was lingering for two weeks. You know the kind where you wonder how your nose could possibly be any more raw and you dream of the day you won’t need to blow your nose every 10 minutes? The weird thing is besides my nose, I felt fine. I didn’t really feel “sick” so I was able to go to work and push through. But, not being able to properly breathe out of your nose is annoying and tiring, so sometimes you need something that will brighten your day.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll already know that fashion and personal style make me really happy. I personally feel like what you wear can effect and reflect your entire mood. One of the days I was sick I wore this cream colored infinity scarf with little glittery threads and my extra sparkly Caravelle by Bulova watch.

Cream Infinity Scarf

That little bit of sparkle helped make me feel a little better. So the next time you need a small pick-me-up try incorporating something into your look that’ll brighten your spirits whether it’s your favorite color or a something sparkly!

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