Leopard Sheath Dress
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Leopard Sheath Dress

This past weekend was such a whirlwind with house stuff, family coming to town, and a family bbq that I actually didn’t have the Sunday night blues because going to work seems like a nice escape from all the craziness! So let’s hope work today is pretty good so I don’t regret today’s desire to go to work.

Last week I wore this leopard sheath dress to work. Normally I wouldn’t think to wear a full-on animal print dress to work, but the colors of this dress are so autumnal (one of my favorite words) that I thought it just worked. The base color of the dress is like a burnt orange so it’s not a bright orange which I think makes it wearable for work in my opinion. And it must really be wearable because if you remember up til last year I wasΒ notΒ an animal print person. The actual animal print has a pink tinge to it which made the bright pink cardigan really work with it.

I love that this sheath dress has some stretch to it so it was super comfortable to wear all day!

Leopard Sheath DressLeopard Sheath Dress 1Leopard Sheath Dress 2Leopard Sheath Dress 3Leopard Sheath Dress 4Leopard Sheath Dress 5Leopard Sheath Dress 6Leopard Sheath Dress 7Leopard Sheath Dress 8Leopard Sheath Dress 9Leopard Sheath Dress 10Leopard Sheath Dress 11Leopard Sheath Dress 12Leopard Sheath Dress 13Leopard Sheath Dress 14Leopard Sheath Dress 15Leopard Sheath Dress 16Leopard Sheath Dress 17Leopard Sheath Dress 18Leopard Sheath Dress 19Leopard Sheath Dress 20

Dress: Old Navy (here) | Sandals: Target | Cardigan: Target

The only thing I wore different to work was I swapped out the black sandals for black flats. Otherwise, this is the exact outfit I wore to work one day last week.

All sizes are currently still available in this dress in regular. There are larges left in petite and mediums left in tall. If you’re looking for a good quality leopard dress I highly recommend this one!

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