Belted Floral Scarf

I’ve seen people belt their scarves for a long time and I always wanted to try it myself. When I got this belt from ASOS I thought it would be the perfect belt to try this scarf style out.

Belted Floral Scarf 4
Belted Floral Scarf 3
Belted Floral Scarf 2
Belted Floral Scarf
Belted Floral Scarf 1

Top: Kohl’s | Jeans: Express | Belt: ASOS

I just had to include that last photo – a candid of me adjusting my hair! I don’t remember where this spring-y scarf is from. It was either a gift or I bought it when I went to Turkey a few years ago. I brought home a bunch of scarves on that trip so I really don’t remember.

Overall, I really like the colors in this outfit and the way the belted scarf look turned out!

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  1. Ooh I’ve been meaning to try belting a scarf too! This is such a cute look! Your belt and scarf are perfect for it. 🙂 Your candid photo is so cute! Mine are usually terrifying, haha!


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    1. Thanks! I’d love to see yours when you do it! Haha that was a good/funny candid. Usually my eyes are closed or I look mad!


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