Majorette Blush

Majorette Blush

Last year when Benefit came out with the Majorette Cream to Powder Blush I thought the packaging looked adorable, but since I wasn’t a huge cream makeup fan I didn’t really think seriously about purchasing it. I’ve never been a huge fan of cream products, but they’ve been slowly growing on me. I first started coming around to the idea of them back in the winter with the BareMinerals Pop of Passion Blush Balm. So seeing as how I was starting to actually like cream products and Ulta had Majorette on sale for $10 from its original $29 price tag, I decided to get it. How amazing is that deal?!

Majorette Blush
Majorette Blush 1
Majorette Blush 2

The packaging is so cute. It looks like a retro drum like the kind in marching bands from the 50s or something. It’s got a neat magnetic closure – I always love magnetic closures. There is a little plastic covering between the top and the product, probably to keep it from drying out. The blush has a pretty sun design on it.

The directions say to apply it with your fingers so that’s what I did. At first touch, it was so smooth and creamy. I’ve dabbled with cream products before that were dry and took a lot of work aka rubbing my finger vigorously back and forth to pick up some product, but I’m pleased to say that Majorette was the exact opposite. My finger picked up the product with the gentlest touch and transferred onto my cheeks with ease. It imparted a natural peachy glow to my cheeks that lasted all day. It even survived my field trip to the city with my students that included a very hot and sweaty bus ride (more on that later).

Cream products are continuing to grow on me and this was definitely worth the $10 sale price!

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