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Red & White Bandana Print

When I was doing one of my late night innocent browsing sessions on Nordstrom Rack, I saw this red & white bandana print top and it immediately caught my eye. The cute dots and white floral pattern and the perforated details were just too cute to pass up.


Top: Lucky Brand via Nordstrom Rack | Pants: Uniqlo | Shoes: Kohls

This linen blend blouse is a bit coarser in material than I would’ve thought it would be but it’s still comfortable. I like the split neck, but I think it would like it even better if the neckline went straight across and the perforations followed it across. Just because I like the perforated detailing so much! The one thing I dislike about this top is the elastic hem. I remember mentioning it before in my post about my top with the tiny cutouts. In my opinion, tops would just look better if they laid flat instead of bubbling up due to an elastic hem. That’s just my opinion though! Of course, I do have a couple elastic hem tops so I’m not totally against them – I just think if there’s an option between elastic hem or no elastic hem, there’s a clear winner. Anyway, I still do love this top!

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