Soft Pink Floral Dress
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Soft Pink Floral Dress

How is your weekend going so far? Mine has been going well, but busy so I feel like I haven’t had a chance to really just relax! However, I fully intend on just hanging around the house today and being lazy although I am trying out a new slow cooker recipe.

Yesterday, I went to the bridal shower for one of my oldest friends and then to a Greek Festival that the Greek Orthodox Church in my town has every year. I’ll talk more about the festival and share a short video in a future post, but today I’m talking about my outfit I wore to the bridal shower!

This soft pink floral dress with a pink belt is a dress I got on sale at Dress Barn last year at the end of the summer, hence the sale price. Since I got it at the end of the season I didn’t have a chance to wear it. Until now, that is!

Soft Pink Floral Dress
Soft Pink Floral Dress 1
Soft Pink Floral Dress 4
Soft Pink Floral Dress 5
Soft Pink Floral Dress 3
Soft Pink Floral Dress 2
Soft Pink Floral Dress 6
Soft Pink Floral Dress 7
Soft Pink Floral Dress 8
Soft Pink Floral Dress 9

Dress: Dress Barn | Shoes: DSW

I decided not to wear any jewelry and let the floral dress speak for itself. Plus, I find events like this tricky because you don’t know what everyone else will be wearing so you don’t know if you’re too dressy or not dressed up enough. I ended up being dressed perfectly as most of the other ladies were wearing dresses similar to mine in either cut, print, or style so I fit right in!

I decided to wear nude wedges, again, to let the dress be the statement piece. The belt came with the dress but I cut the loops off the dress because the way they were positioned the belt too high for my liking.

I love the color of all the florals on this dress against the soft pink. It gives a very sweet vibe – perfect for a spring bridal shower!

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