Lox & Bagel

Lox & Bagel

I’m not a huge breakfast eater in terms of being able to eat a lot so something like a bagel is perfect for me. One of my favorite breakfasts is Lox & Bagel because it is so simple and scrumptious. I like making it myself because I like being able to control the amount of cream cheese on my bagel. If I ever get a bagel and cream cheese out somewhere I always ask for the cream cheese on the side because I hate when places load my bagel up with thick amounts of cream cheese. I like a very thin layer so I’d rather just do it myself.

For this super simple lox & bagel I just lightly toasted a plain bagel, put a thin layer of cream cheese on the bagel, put some thin slices of smoked salmon on the halves and topped it with capers. Capers are key!

Lox & Bagel
Lox & Bagel 1
Lox & Bagel 2

I know some people like to eat their lox & bagel like a sandwich, but I like to eat mine open-face. I love the salty/sour zing you get from the capers, the savory, salty taste of the smoked salmon, all balanced out with the cream cheese and bagel.

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