Kielbasa Hash + Jambalaya

Kielbasa Hash

Many of us have had potato hash and corn beef hash, but what about adding kielbasa? I saw a recipe for kielbasa hash on Pinterest a long time ago, but I can’t find it now. Luckily, the recipe is pretty easy and I took notes of what the tiny change I had made to the original instructions.

This recipe has just a few ingredients: bell peppers (I used yellow and red), onions (1/2 a large onion), potatoes, kielbasa, and salt & pepper. First I diced up potatoes and I boiled them, which was not in the original recipe but I did this so that they would fry up quicker because potatoes take a long time to cook.

Diced Potatoes
Boiling Potatoes

While the potatoes boiled, I cut up my peppers and onion and sliced up the pork kielbasa.

Onions & Peppers

Frying Potatoes

I started frying up the potatoes first with salt and pepper. Then, I fried up the peppers and onion.

Onions & Peppers
Peppers & Onion

Then, I put it all together in the skillet.

Kielbasa Hash

I made some Zatarain’s jambalaya to eat with the hash and it was the perfect meal!

Kielbasa Hash 1
Kielbasa Hash + Jambalaya
Kielbasa Hash + Jambalaya 1

Such an easy and yummy dish to make!

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