Vintage Peony Tee

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Vintage Peony Tee

I love the look of vintage tees with their faded colors. This tee isn’t vintage by the strict definition, but I find many brands are labeling pieces as vintage based on style these days. Such is the case with this tee with large peony print from LOFT. I’m guessing they called it “vintage peony” because of the style of the flower print and light/faded colors.

Vintage Peony Tee
Vintage Peony Tee 1
Vintage Peony Tee 2
Vintage Peony Tee 3
Vintage Peony Tee 4
Vintage Peony Tee 5
Vintage Peony Tee 6
Vintage Peony Tee 7

Tee: LOFT | Shorts: Aerie

I paired this tee with blue soft shorts from Aerie. The shorts have that washed out look too so it went perfectly with the tee.

What are your thoughts on all the vintage style pieces out now?

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