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Yesterday I talked about the palm print trend and my love for it. Today I’ve got another print that seems to be hot right now – cactus or cacti! I’m loving this print so much that I actually have two other tops with cactus print that I’m sure I’ll share on here sooner or later. Anyway, the rise in popularity for all things cacti seems to be going strong. I’m constantly seeing the print on social media, in stores, and not just in fashion but I’ve seen cactus cupcakes, etc.

There are all different kinds of cactus print. I’m into the more cute, cartoony looking print rather than the realistic print so this tee was perfect for me. I paired it with bright pink shorts for the perfect casual, summer look!

Cactus Tee
Cactus Tee 1
Cactus Tee 5
Cactus Tee 6
Cactus Tee 2

Cactus Tee 3
Cactus Tee 4
Cactus Tee 7
Cactus Tee 8
Cactus Tee 9

Tee: Pull&Bear via ASOS | Shorts: Old Navy

I got this tee from ASOS and this is the perfect example of why I love them so much. They have such a huge selection of things that you can find almost anything you’re looking for. I wanted to find something cactus print – I just typed in cactus print and pages of items came up! Same thing with the unicorn elbow patch cardigan I wore back in the spring. I was trying to find something with unicorns and I found that gem. Let’s not forget one of my all time favorite dresses – the sequin & tulle dress I wore to my friend’s wedding. This isn’t an ad for ASOS, I just wanted to profess my love for the online retailer!

This look was so comfy and casual. Perfect for a day out to visit my friend and her newborn baby at their home about 100 miles away!

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