Blueberry Pie


Blueberry Pie

Do you remember the tv show “Pushing Daisies”? The show was so good, but sadly cut short like so many shows during that writers strike that happened back about 10 years ago. Anyway, I loved the show and the main character had a pie shop. The pie’s always looked so good and made me crave pies all the time!

My pies don’t look as perfect as the ones on “Pushing Daisies”, but that doesn’t stop me from making these delicious desserts. The pie I’m sharing with you today is a Blueberry Pie. So easy to make and you know I like easy recipes.

First, I wash some fresh blueberries. Dry them and then add flour so that the blueberry sauce (when the blueberries burst in the oven) thickens.

BlueberriesBlueberries + FlourBlueberries + Flour 1

Then, add sugar and mix it all together.

Blueberries + SugarBlueberries + Sugar 1

I use a store-bought pie crust dough and for this pie I did a lattice pie. So I use one pie crust for the bottom and then cut strips with the other pie crust dough to make the lattice top.

Pour the blueberry filling into the pie plate and top the pie with the strips for the lattice. I trim the excess dough and then cover the edges with aluminum foil to keep it from burning. I remove the foil about halfway through the baking process.

Pie CrustBlueberry PieBlueberry Pie 1Blueberry Pie 2Blueberry Pie 3

I bake the pie at 400 until it’s golden.

Blueberry Pie 4Blueberry Pie 5Blueberry Pie 6

Eat it warm with vanilla ice cream and it is perfect!

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