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Photo Challenge: Unlikely

It’s finally Friday, everyone! This week has felt exceptionally long and yesterday was particularly stressful and crazy, but that’s for another day. Hopefully today will be a much calmer day at work and then I’ve got dinner plans and a bonfire at work/school so at least those are things to look forward to!

If you had asked me a few years ago if I would ever watch a “movie under the stars” and it be broad daylight at 10pm, I would say that’s crazy – highly “Unlikely“. But, lo and behold, I was on an Alaskan cruise 2 summers ago and watched two or three movies under the stars on the ship and the sun was still out and shining for at least an hour of the nighttime movie. Alaska is one of those places that has only a few hours of darkness (and not complete darkness) during the summer. It definitely took getting used to and was so cool and bizarre at the same time!

This photo I snapped during the start of Star Wars: The Force Awakens during one of the movie under the stars nights seemed like a great photo challenge response!

Princess Cruises - Movie Under the Stars

It’s so weird, right?! The movies would start at 9 or 10 and this is how bright and sunny it would still be! It would start to get darker after a little while and after halfway through the movie it would be really dark out. Of course, we’re outside, on the sea, and in Alaska so the complimentary blankets, hot chocolate, and lots of layers were necessary. I think we got a few fleece blankets and used pool towels too to keep warm!

You can read more about my movie under the stars experience on the cruise and more sights from the ship in my blog post (here). Have a great Friday!


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