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New TV Shows I’m Loving

Every fall I look forward to checking out the new shows on TV. Some I really look forward to and they aren’t as good as I hoped, some live up to expectations, and some exceed expectations. I’ve rounded up 4 new shows this season that I’ve been watching, loving, and fit in to that category of exceeding expectations.

First up, Magnum, P.I.. This reboot of the Tom Selleck show modernizes the story of Hawaii’s favorite private investigator. It’s brought to viewers from the same producer as Hawaii Five-0. I never watched the original show, but I know of it. My mom used to watch it back when it was on tv so I’ve asked her how this one compares. She likes this new version and she told me a few things they’ve changed like that in the reboot Higgins is a woman and in the original it was a man. I like that Higgins is a woman so that there’s a little more variety instead of just guys and it creates a more interesting dynamic between Magnum and Higgins. I really enjoy the show and I like seeing some cameos by Hawaii Five-0 people. I’ve heard they plan to do a crossover episode this season!

Magnum PI

Next, I wasn’t planning on watching Single Parents, but my mom had recorded it and when I was over one day I watched it with her and found it hilarious! Now, I love it! It’s about, obviously, single parents who are all friends and have kids at the same school. They help each other out and are sort of like their own family just trying to help each other survive. It’s full of funny moments.

Single Parents

A show that not only I’m loving, but apparently millions of people are loving, is A Million Little Things. So before I watched the premiere, I actually had no idea that Ron Livingston’s character commits suicide. Apparently everyone knew this going in, but I really had no idea! The whole story stems off of his death and how it effects his family and best friends. It makes them all examine their own lives and what they want in life. It also exposes secrets they’ve been keeping from each other. There are also some mysterious things going on that I hope we find more about soon!

A Million Little Things

And my last new show I love is one that you’ve seen on here already. It’s Dancing with the Stars: Juniors! I included the show in my October Favorites. It’s so good and the kids can dance so well! The kids work so hard and seriously their dances just put a smile on my face each time!


What are some new shows that you’re loving?

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  • TheMakeupCase17

    I loved the original Magnum PI. I have the whole series on dvd. So far, the new version isn’t sucking. I like that the new Magnum is a Detroit Tigers fan like on the original. Tom Selleck is a big Tigers fan in real life (he’s originally from Wyandotte, which is just outside Detroit). He used to take batting practice with the team in the 80s & 90s when he was in town visiting. My mom got to meet him on one of those occasion (she adored him, so it was a huge thrill & a funny story). I love the dogs, Zeus & Apollo are back… and the Ferrari! And I like they made TC’s chopper the same color as on the original. I’ve been hoping for a H50 crossover since Kamekona had a cameo on that one episode. They did that in the original as a crossover with the show Simon & Simon. What I’d really love to see though, is eventually have Robin Masters show up and it’s Tom Selleck! I’d probably die laughing if that actually happens. 😂

    • lifeaccordingtojamie

      Haha I’ve never seen the original, but my mom told me that in the original you never see Robin Masters because he’s always traveling. That would be hilarious if it was Tom Selleck though! They should totally do that!

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