Angel Coin Charm Bracelet

Angel Coin Charm Bracelet

I wrote a few days ago about hoops being a big trend again after a few years in the backseat. Well, coin jewelry is also a huge thing right now and I am all for it. Layered coin necklaces, pendants, charm bracelets, you name it – I love how intricate they can get all while still being dainty for the most part. Back a couple months ago I did a post on my layered coin necklace so you know my love for it is real. When going through my jewelry box, I came across this charm bracelet I got years ago. I’m really talking years ago – like when I was in middle school it’s that old. I hadn’t worn it in years but when I saw it again I immediately wanted to wear it and it also fit in with the coin jewelry trend as the charms which all have guardian angels engraved in them look like coins with the exception of one that is in the shape of a heart. See, fashion styles always come back!

Angel Coin Charm BraceletAngel Coin Charm Bracelet 1Angel Coin Charm Bracelet 2Angel Coin Charm Bracelet 3Angel Coin Charm Bracelet 4Angel Coin Charm Bracelet 5Angel Coin Charm Bracelet 6Angel Coin Charm Bracelet 7Angel Coin Charm Bracelet 8

I’m 99% sure that I got this bracelet from QVC when I was a pre-teen. I went through a phase where I loved looking at items on their website and I was lucky enough to have a mom that would let me actually get a few items once in a while – this bracelet being one of them. I thought it was so pretty and I liked the idea of having guardian angels on my wrist. As you can see the bracelet can almost slide off my baby sized wrists. It has a lobster claw close but it’s a thick one and the other links in the bracelet are too small for it to go into any one other than the clasp it was made for. It’s fine and doesn’t fall off my wrist, but I could take it off/put it on without having to undo the clasp if I wanted to.

The point of this post is that I’m flashing it back to this old bracelet that I still love and has become stylish once again!

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