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Finding Good Food In The US of A


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Getting your hands on a bite to eat while in America is something a lot of people take for granted. With the sheer number of food places available, you can go practically anywhere in a US city to eat something, and it’s been this way for a long time. Of course, though, the vast majority of the options you will find won’t fit the ticket. Instead, if you want to eat something great, you have to know how to look for it, and that is exactly what this post is here to show you. With all of this in mind, finding food on your travels around the US should be nice and easy.


Ask The Locals
Your very first port of call when you’re looking for the best food a city has to offer are the locals. These people spent far longer in the city than you have, and this means that they have a much broader insight into what is available. You will often hear the same name more than once when you ask a handful of people. This gives you the chance to filter out the good places, leaving only those which can be considered truly excellent.


Go Unique
While a lot of the food cooked in American kitchens is largely similar, you will always find places doing their own thing when travelling for food. At this Asian Restaurant in St Louis, for example, have their own rice paper wraps which are used to create meals which explode with flavor, all without adding calories to the whole thing. It won’t always be possible to find something like this which you will enjoy, but it will be worth trying when you have the chance.


Read Some Reviews
Despite being so subjective, you will often find that people generally agree about which restaurants are the best. This makes it nice and easy to use a consensus to decide where to eat, but this doesn’t just have to be left with the locals helping you out with the knowledge, as anyone visiting a place can write a review. Websites like Yelp are extremely powerful when it comes to helping you to find the best food for your money.


Look For Lines
A lot of people tend to avoid busy places when they are going out for food, assuming that it will take too long to get what they want. In most cases, though, lines will form at these places because they are good at what they do, rather than finding it hard to serve everyone. This can often be the most telling factor when it comes to figuring out whether or not a place is worth your time, and is something you should take seriously.


Food is a very big part of life in the US, with loads of people dedicating their entire career to serving it to happy customers. Of course, though, as a customer, you want to make sure that you’re getting the very best for your money, and this will often mean hunting around for a good bite to eat.

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