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Sorel Kinetic Waterproof Boots

Happy Friday! Yesterday was a long day at work. I had parent/teacher conferences from 8am-6pm so it was pretty tiring. I’m hoping today goes by seamlessly and I can just get home to relax (aka do laundry and make dinner). Considering that this past Monday was a snow day, you’d think this week would feel short, but it felt so long!

This week has also been really cold. Probably the coldest it’s been in a few weeks with real feel temps in the teens. The cold weather coupled with the snow storm earlier in the week made me want to dedicate a whole post to my Sorel Kinetic Waterproof Boots. These boots are probably my favorite purchase this winter. If you’re a regular follower on here then you’ve seen them on here before. I wore them with my quilted fleece pulloverΒ (the photos below are from that photoshoot) and just the other day with my striped shimmer sweater. Snow boots or waterproof boots aren’t always stylish, but these are so good looking! And comfortable to boot (no pun intended)!

Sorel Snow BootsSorel Snow Boots

Back in the fall, I saw Lindsi LaneΒ post about them on Instagram. I loved the look of them and I messaged her basically saying “I want!” and she replied to me saying I had to get them because they’re so good. Well, if you follow Lindsi, you know she’s like a fashion goddess and the sweetest ever so I immediately clicked “add to cart” on the Net-a-Porter website. They were a splurge, but I wanted a new pair of snow boots/water proof boots and these are so cute that you can wear them even when it’s not snowing.

I love the combination of the tan suede and the grey felt. The ridged soles is such a cool detail and the metal rings for the laces is such a statement. These boots are so good looking but they’re also incredibly comfortable. I would liken the cushioning inside to that of an UGG. Not furry/fuzzy inside but super soft like an UGG. I also think that even though they look so cool, there’s also something very classic about them. I don’t see them going out of style because there’s nothing super bold or trendy about them.

These are the best thing I bought all winter and with how good the quality is, I know these will last me for many winters to come!

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