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Here’s How my Skin Turned Out After Using Kedma’s Day Cream

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Saying that I have dry skin is an understatement. My skin is extremely dry and I have been suffering from it for a long time now. I have used numerous products to no avail, which makes me really sad and frustrated when it comes to skincare products here in the Philippines.

Having extremely dry skin can take a huge toll on my confidence, and it can even sometimes affect my social life. There are days where I cannot even muster up the courage to go out with my friends due to my dry skin. I am ashamed of it, and they might not even notice, but for me, it is a huge deal, as I am pretty conscious when it comes to my skin.

The Skincare That Made Wonders
This is why I see Kedma cosmetics Philippines‘ Restoring Day Cream as a miracle product, as it literally saved my skin. I have been using the cream for about seven months, and I would not use any other product to save my dry skin. My skin is now properly hydrated to the point that I have not seen any scabs or dry flakes on my skin lately. It is a miracle since I haven’t had a product work on my skin as well as this product did.

The product promises to slow down the process of skin aging as well as help with firming and tightening the skin. It is said to penetrate deep into the dermis and supply new cells and collagen to reduce wrinkles and discoloration on the skin. It has a mixture of vitamins C and E to help protect the skin from harmful free radicals. The product also has amazing ingredients such as green tea extract, lactic acid, dead sea salt minerals, and linoleic acid.

How I Use The Product

I use the restoring day cream every morning after cleansing my skin and before applying my makeup. I massage it well into my skin for proper absorption, but I make sure to do so gently as to not make my skin produce wrinkles and fine lines. I put it on in circular motions using mostly my middle and ring finger, as these have the softest touch and pressure among all of our fingers.

Thanks to this amazing product, I can now wear makeup whenever I want. When I used to have extremely dry and dehydrated skin, I used to avoid foundations and powders, as this can accentuate the dryness on my skin. Now that I have soft, supple, and smooth skin, I can use whatever makeup product that I wish — whether it’s foundation, concealer, blush on, contour, or even powder!

I just love how my skin feels now that I cannot stop raving about it. I told my friends and family about it, and I suggested they use it as well. They tried a sample of mine, but they eventually bought jars of their own since they loved it so much. You definitely have to try it ASAP, too, so go ahead and put a jar in your cart, check out, then thank me later!

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