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Blue Stripe Getaway Shirt

On to a new week! My birthday weekend has come to an end and it’s my last few days of summer break before I go back to work on Thursday. I had a great time with friends for dinner Friday night and then Saturday night I went with my bff to see the Backstreet Boys in concert which was a lot of fun. We saw them 6 years ago and this time was even better I think. A recap of the concert to come to the blog later in the week and I’m going to do a write-up of the restaurant I went to on Friday night later on as well.

But, for today I’m sharing a striped button down short sleeve top that I wore last weekend. If you remember, a little earlier in the summer I wore a navy blue floral button down short sleeve top called a getaway shirt and I said it was aptly named since it was like a tropical top. This is the same material and I bought it at the same time, just in a different print. The stripes are blue, blue/green seafoam type of color, and a blue/grey. It has that same super comfortable gauzy type of feel to it. this time I wore it with a lace trimmed cami underneath instead of just a lace bralette and denim shorts. I was out in the sun for the afternoon so I wore a Yankees cap with the outfit because I’m trying to shield my face from the sun in preparation for my laser treatment. I think I mentioned it on here before but I’m preparing for session 1 of 3 or 4 laser treatment to treat some acne scars on my face and I’m supposed to have limited sun exposure. I am also wearing glasses in some of these photos because, again I think I mentioned this in an earlier post but maybe not, my eye doctor told me almost 2 weeks ago now that my eyes are super dry and I have to take a 2 week break from wearing contacts. It has been easier than I thought it would be, but I am more than ready to get back to wearing contacts regularly!

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 1

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 2

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 3

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 4

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 5

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 6

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 7

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 8

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 9

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 10

Evil Eye Ring

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 11

Evil Eye Ring 1

Yankee Hat

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 12

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 13

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 14

Blue Striped Getaway Shirt 15

Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch | Shorts: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Ring: Alex & Ani | Sandals: Vici (here)| Purse: Coach

I finished off the look with an evil eye ring from Alex & Ani and tan sandals with a twist detail.

Loving this casual look!

Browse the carousel below for similar looks and my exact ring.

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