Pandora Bracelet - Filled with Romance Charm

Pandora – Filled with Romance Charm

For years and year I’ve seen people, coworkers, and friends, buy and wear Pandora bracelets and charms and while I thought they were pretty I never had a desire to get one for myself. I’m not sure why exactly I decided I actually did want one, but this summer I suddenly was like “Hmm I actually do really want one”. So when my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday in August I said a Pandora bracelet.

We went to the mall one day and I picked out a bracelet and 1 charm. Well actually, let me rewind. A week earlier we were at the outlets and I went in to the Pandora store because they were having a sale. But it was nuts inside and so many people. I wouldn’t have minded the crowd, but it was my first Pandora bracelet and I wasn’t really sure how it all worked and with so many people I felt it would be hard to really get the full attention of a store employee. I browsed a bit and each employee was servicing multiple people at a time so I decided that I would just go to the mall store another day where it would be less crowded and I could ask more questions.

Okay, so now that we’re up to speed I went to the mall a week later and I was the only one in the store – perfect! Oh and the sale was still going on – double perfect! I decided to go with the smooth silver bracelet and after looking at a few charms I decided to do the Filled with Romance  rose gold charm. I love the filagree design of it! The woman told me that I would need two clips so that the charm wouldn’t be sliding all over the place. I got the Shining Elegance clip charms in yellow gold.

Pandora Bracelet - Filled with Romance Charm 1Pandora Bracelet - Filled with Romance Charm 2Pandora Bracelet - Filled with Romance Charm 3Pandora Bracelet - Filled with Romance CharmPandora Bracelet 1Pandora Bracelet

So basically I’ve decided that with this bracelet I’m making it all about mixed metals. I’ve got the silver bracelet, yellow gold clips, rose gold heart charm. My mom had pointed out a few colored gem charms but I want to keep this one with just metals (and crystals). I know people get multiple bracelets so I think if I ever buy a second bracelet I would fill that one up with colored gems. Stick to a theme, ya know? I can’t wait to add another charm to this bracelet – maybe during the holidays.

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