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My Christmas tree went up the day before Thanksgiving and I love it! For almost all my life I’ve put up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving was so late this year that I wanted to do my tree early. But then I got busy so I only got to do it the day before….so not that much earlier, but whatever. Anyway, I have wanted a Balsam Hill Christmas Tree for years and being the Hallmark Christmas movie junkie that I am (if you are too then you know that they always have Balsam Hill Christmas trees!) it was my top choice.

So you may remember last year I wrote about my new, beautiful 7.5 ft. Christmas tree from Costco. As many of you know,  I’m in the process of moving and I bought a condo in the early fall. Long story short, my brother kept the Costco tree at the townhouse which ended up being okay since I don’t have the high ceiling in my new living room and it gave me a chance to get a Balsam Hill tree.

After much browsing, I chose to get the 6.5 ft. Norway Spruce Narrow Pre-Lit tree for various reasons. I liked the look of the Norway Spruce trees and even though the regular, more full one looks gorgeous, I thought it might take up a little too much space in the corner of my living room. Also, the narrow one was less expensive and Balsam Hill can be a bit pricey.

I decorated my tree with a few sentimental ornaments and the ones I bought last year when I created my red, green, & gold themed tree. The red, green, & gold set were from Michaels last year. I added mirrored red beaded garland, which I also bought last year from Target and are still available this year so I will link to the garland (here) and below.

The only new Christmas tree decoration from last year on my new tree is the tree topper. Last year I didn’t have a tree topper (or “finial d’arbre” as I learned in the Hallmark Christmas movie Christmas at the Plaza) but this year I bought the most beautiful lit angel tree topper. The angel is playing an instrument and since her “skirt” is like strings the light really shines through.

I finished off the tree with a glittery white tree skirt since the plaid one I bought last year would be a little big for this tree.

So cool thing about this tree is that it comes with a canvas bag with extra bulbs and parts and then a big bag where you can zip up all the parts to the tree. My tree comes in 3 (I think) sections so I saved the tags so I remember what order to assemble it in next year. The fact that it’s pre-lit is a huge help and cuts down on the time it takes to decorate. It also comes with gloves for you to wear while you’re doing all the fluffing. I love that you can do white lights, multicolor, or both! And it comes with a remote so that is awesome and makes me feel high-tech.

Balsam Hill Norway Spruce NarrowBalsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 1Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 2Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 3Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 4Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 5Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 6Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 7Lit Instrument Playing Angel Tree TopperOrnamentsBalsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 8Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 9Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 10Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 11Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 13Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 14Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 15Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 16Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow 12

Tree: Balsam Hill | Tree Topper: Target (here) | Tree Skirt: Dollar Store | Beaded Garland: Target (here) | Ornaments: Michaels; keepsake/travel ornaments

I love how my tree turned out! Despite the initial setback of having to buy a new tree, I really love this one and I love the lights on this tree a little more than my old one. The clear/white lights are more white than yellow and the colored lights lean more pastel than neon.

I can’t link to my tree, but I’ve linked to my exact tree topper, beaded garland, and similar ornaments!

P.S. I’ll be sharing my other Christmas decorations in a post next week!

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