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Snow day! I’m planning on watching tv and reading/writing all day today. And then probably digging my car out.

I love all things Christmas decor and Christmas. It just makes me so happy. You know those people you see on tv or on social media who have a tree in every room? Not mini trees, but like full sized, decorated trees in every room and bedroom? I aspire to be one of those people in the future when I have a house. I don’t care if that makes me sound crazy lol.

Anyway, I’ve taken some photos of little things around my place and my parents’ place lately that I thought I’d compile into a little Christmas things post.

I shared all about my new tree and color scheme for ornaments last year. The porcelain Santa is from my parents’ house. They’ve had it for as long as I can remember and let me take it to my place.

I took this photo randomly one night because I liked how the Christmas lights from the tree reflected on my coffee table. The mason jars of snowy Christmas trees are a craft I made a few years ago.

I shared the beginnings of my Lenox village last year. I had just the set that included the house, tree, and snowman. For Christmas last year I received the horse drawn carriage and firetruck. I’m hoping to add to the collection this Christmas. The vintage looking tree is something I made at a ceramics place 2 years ago.

So last year I started my Lenox village collection. This year, on a whim, I decided I wanted to start collecting nutcrackers. I picked up these two during Black Friday shopping.

My dad does the outdoor lights at my parents’ house. This gumdrop tree is something we got from Costco years ago and used to put in the family room since the main tree goes in the living room where we can’t see it when we’re in the kitchen and watching tv in the family room. Since we haven’t taken it out to use in years my dad put it outside this year. It is indoor/outdoor so it’s fine and really brightens up the front!

When I was coming downstairs at my parents’ house one evening I saw the lights from the gumdrop tree coming through the glass of the front door framed by the wreath. I thought it was so pretty and had to take a photo.

A few years ago I bought a mini tree in burlap from Target. It’s pre-lit and I hang mini ornaments on it from Anthropologie. I was cleaning up one night and sitting on the floor and saw the tree in the reflection of my mirrored jewelry armoire.

Lastly, how adorable are these ornament cups?! I saw them at Wegman’s a few weeks ago and mentioned to my mom how cute they were. Couldn’t stop thinking about them so before going to checkout I double backed and picked them up!

That’s my little round-up! I’ve linked to everything that I was able to and a few similar items if I could find them.

Do you love Christmas decor too?

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