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Easy Tiger

I can’t believe Christmas is just 1 week away! My favorite time of year is the lead up to Christmas (because once Christmas arrives it’s all over and depressing) and it’s flying by too quickly!

I got this lightweight sweatshirt that says “Easy Tiger” with a large tiger face back in the spring, but then it got way too hot here to wear. So I just got around to wearing it last weekend and luckily the print and even the phrase “Easy Tiger” is still really popular – possibly even more popular than when I bought this sweatshirt months ago!

Easy Tiger SweatshirtEasy Tiger Sweatshirt 1Easy Tiger Sweatshirt 2Easy Tiger Sweatshirt 3Easy Tiger Sweatshirt 4Easy Tiger Sweatshirt 5Easy Tiger Sweatshirt 6Easy Tiger Sweatshirt 7Easy Tiger Sweatshirt 8Easy Tiger Sweatshirt 9

Sweatshirt: Vici | Leggings: Express | Boots: UGG

So interesting fact – I’m loving all the leopard print and tiger print these days, but in real life I hate cats. No offense, cat lovers! I just do not like cats at all and I’m actually kind of (read: really afraid) scared of them. I’ve had bad experiences and I just cannot deal with cats. Anyway, it’s ironic not only because of my love of the prints, but because I’m a Leo and born the year of the Tiger. I’ve got all the cat signs but do not like real cats!

Anyway, I’ll just be over here enjoying wearing leopard/tiger prints and sweatshirts with tiger faces while trying to survive this last week of teaching before winter break!

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