Skinfix Dark Spot Corrector
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Skinfix Dark Spot Corrector

I got a dark spot corrector back during the Sephora VIB sale in the spring, but before I open that up, I remembered that Skinfix actually sent me their Correct+ Dark Spot Corrector a while ago. I’ve spoken about the dark spots and acne scars I’ve gotten over the years. Last year I was going to get laser treatments monthly and when things got shut down during lockdown, I wasn’t able to go for my follow up appointments. I think the doctor’s office is opened back up now, but I haven’t made a new appointment yet. I’ll probably wait a while before I go. The results of the laser treatment were great, but I feel like it can also be a bit of a rabbit hole after a while. After a few sessions the marks on my face did fade, but I’m always going to get more pimples and they’re going to leave marks so it feels never-ending in a way. During quarantine, I had 2 pimples that left marks on my cheeks so if I can get them to fade with creams then that would be great!

Skinfix Dark Spot Corrector

According to the brand, it is A daily treatment, with 10 clinical actives, that works to minimize the appearance of dark spots, brighten skin, and nurture the skin barrier.”

“This daily treatment works to minimize the appearance of dark spots and acne pigmentation, brighten skin, and improve uneven skin tone. The luxurious formula supports skin to reduce future dark spots and improves skin barrier health with continued use.”

I’ve only been using this for about 2 weeks so I haven’t noticed a drastic change on the acne marks, but they have lessened enough that with a little concealer and foundation they’re not very noticeable so I’m hoping that over time they’ll fade even more.

I love that it’s a pump and the cream is tiny bit thicker than a standard moisturizer. I would say it’s got the tackiness of a sunscreen, but less sticky. The scent has a sort of floral scent, but less fruity floral and more musky floral if that makes sense. It’s got a heavier scent, but I love it.

I’m looking forward to continuing to use it since I love this clean brand.

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