Reverse Grumpy Sunshine Picks

I love a good grumpy sunshine book, but I also love reverse grumpy sunshine books. Grumpy sunshine books are when the male main character is grumpy and grouchy and the female main character is happy and positive. So reverse grumpy sunshine is when the female main character is the grump.

Here are a few reverse grumpy sunshine books I loved! Yes, there are two here that are Christmas romances, but you can save them to read during the holidays or read them anytime of the year you want!

  • The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston – Florence is a romance writer with writer’s block. How can she write about romance when she’s still recovering from a horrible breakup? Her new editor, Benji, wants her to believe in love again.
  • Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey – Stella just moved to New York City hoping for a fresh start after a rough few years. She’s grumpy, but wants to start new. Enter Aiden who always looks on the bright side of things and always has a happy attitude.
  • A Cross-Country Christmas by Courtney Walsh – Lauren hardly ever goes home since she didn’t have the best childhood, but she has to go back to visit her brother who is about to have his first baby with his wife. She also doesn’t like flying so she goes on a road trip back home with her brother’s best friend and her childhood crush. Will can tell Lauren is closed off and wants to make her happy and get back in her good graces.
  • The Stranger in Seat 8B by Nikki Castle – This novella follows Annie and Damien who are seat mates on a plane. Annie is work obsessed and wants to spend the trip getting work done. Damien wants Annie to lighten up.
  • The Goal by Elle Kennedy – This is the fourth book in the Off-Campus series. Sabrina is a hard worker and has no time for anything besides school and work. People see her as cold and a bitch, but she’s just super focused. Tuck is serious too, but knows how to let loose and wants Sabrina to give a relationship with him a chance.
  • Icebreaker by Hannah Grace – Anastasia is hard working and serious about her figure skating career. Nate is captain of the hockey team and just as serious about his hockey career, but also has a more happy go lucky personality.

Are you a fan of the reverse grumpy sunshine trope?

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