Workplace Romance Picks

It’s taken a while, but I’ve read enough workplace romance books now to do a round up post! Ironic since I’m now on summer break from work.

Here’s a list of books I really enjoyed that fit the workplace romance trope:

  • The Hating Game – Josh and Lucy work for the same publishing firm and are up for the same promotion.
  • The Spanish Love Deception – Lina and Aaron work for the same company and have been enemies from the beginning. When Lina needs a date to her sister’s wedding in Spain, Aaron offers to go with her.
  • Window Shopping – Stella moves to New York City for a fresh start and begins working at Aiden’s department store as a window dresser.
  • The Fine Print – Rowan is the director of the Dreamland Amusement Park and Zahra gets a spot on the Creator team.
  • Terms & Conditions – Iris is Declan’s assistant and they get married for a task he has to complete in order to become CEO of Kane Corporation.
  • Kulti – Sal Casillas is a professional soccer player and her idol has just become the new assistant coach on her team.
  • The Wrong Brother – I just read this novella the other day so a review is coming tomorrow. It is a short novella that follows Grant Lancaster and Alyssa – his brother’s assistant at Lancaster and Lancaster. I read A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime where Grant and Alyssa are already together so I couldn’t pass up reading the novella that showed how they got together. Side note: This isn’t available on Amazon – I got it from the link in author Monica Murphy’s instagram. It’s free to read!
  • By a Thread – Dominic is the creative director for his family owned fashion magazine. When he gets into an argument with Ally at the pizza place she’s working at, his mother hires her to be an assistant at the magazine.

Do you like the workplace romance trope?

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