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    Halloween Nails: Purple Glitter + Spooky Eyes

    Halloween is just a few days away so I wanted to try to do a festive nail look. Naturally, I went to Pinterest to see what easy nail styles I could find. “Easy” being the key word. I found a bunch of pictures of “spooky night time eyes” which reminded me of cartoon-like eyes in the dark. You know those old-time cartoons where the scene is supposed to be a dark room and all you see are the eyeballs. So now that I had picked out the easy Halloween nail style, I wondered whether having these eyes on each one of my nails was too much. What I ultimately decided to…

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    Halloween 2015

    Happy Halloween! Did any of you dress up in costume for work yesterday? I did and like I have done for the past 4 years, I did a group costume with my friends at work. We’ve done some great group costumes from Care Bears to Shark Week and last year we were all iPhone apps (I was Instagram). This year our group was only 4 people and we decided to be holidays. I chose Thanksgiving! I’m not sure why I chose Thanksgiving, but I’m glad I did because my costume turned out pretty good! I wasn’t sure if the craft store would have anything Thanksgiving related out yet, but they…

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    Glitter Pumpkins

    I can’t believe that Halloween is just 2 days away. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we’re pretty much at the end of October already. I haven’t written any Halloween related posts yet this season, but that’s about to change! This year I decided I wanted to try decorating my pumpkins with glitter. Confession: I am the worst pumpkin carver ever. Seriously. I always find it so hard and then my arms get tired and it’s just not a pretty sight. Maybe I’m using the wrong kind of knives to carve pumpkins, but anyway, I decided to decorate with glitter this year! I got one little…

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    Halloween Looks

    As promised in my photo challenge post earlier today, I’m back to share with you all my Halloween looks from today! One is a look I threw together with things I already owned – a shop my closet costume if you will. The other is a DIY costume that was part of a group costume. Last night, I chaperoned/helped out at the school dance. My friend and I decided a few days ago to go as cowgirls because it was easy to put together. We just needed jeans, boots, plaid shirts and bandanas. She also wore a cowboy hat. These cute cowboy boots were a gift from my bestie and…

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    Photo Challenge: Cover Art

    Happy Photo Challenge Friday! Also, Happy Halloween! A Halloween post will be coming up later tonight, but in the meantime I’m continuing with my Friday photo challenge routine. This past week Daily Post posed the challenge of coming up with Cover Art. As usual, it’s open to interpretation. I decided to recycle a picture from this summer that I feel would be representative of my life. This was taken in Hawaii back in August, the day after a hurricane. I feel like this would be a great cover art piece for my life because I’m literally looking out at the unknown. It could be a storm brewing or the clouds…