English Tea Party Look

English Tea Party
I don’t know why, but when I think tea party, I think garden. I’m not sure how many tea parties actually take place outside in gardens, but that’s just what I think of. I’ve been to high tea twice before in my life, once in London, and neither one of the times was outside so who knows where this idea comes from.
I’d love to have a tea/garden party one day and I think it’s a great idea for a bridal shower or birthday brunch type thing. Minus the bugs. I hate bugs. I guess that would be the downside of having a garden party.
Anyway, with all this in mind, it also bring pastels and florals to mind. I created this look with dainty, floral china, cute cakes, finger sandwiches and of course tea. The tea length dress (how appropriate!) is the perfect cut and length for such an affair.
Hope you all had a nice weekend! I have a busy week ahead, but have some ootds and other posts in mind already!

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