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Knit & Pinstripe

I wasn’t originally planning on sharing this look, but once I put it on the other morning I really liked the light purple and dark grey together along with the white pinstripes and decided I wanted to share. How do you feel about pinstripes? I remember when I was in middle school I had a pair of jeans that were pinstriped and I thought they were the best thing ever. I’m a fan of pinstripes if they’re done tastefully.

Shirt: Express
Pants: Express

Just realizing that my entire outfit is from Express, but from different years. The sweater is actually pretty old, but still in amazing shape and I don’t see myself getting rid of it any time soon! It must be at least 5 years old if not more.


I think purple and grey are a charming pairing and it’s actually the new colors of my bedroom so you know I love the two together. I love the light grey buttons paired with the darker grey sweater. I feel like even though the purple and grey go great together already, the grey just ties the two pieces together. The white pinstripes are also a nice, subtle contrast to break up the colors.

What do you think of purple and grey together?

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