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Cap Toe Boots

I recently got new combat booties and just got the chance to wear them this past weekend. Last month Abi from My Girls on Tour wore these super cute shoes with a metal cap toe and I thought they were amazing and beyond adorable. Since then I’ve been wanting to find a similar pair but I couldn’t find any I liked, were in my size, and didn’t cost a fortune. Now obviously, these boots I got aren’t slip-ons but I randomly came across these boots late one night. I don’t remember what I was looking up, but I think I was on Polyvore making a set and I typed in “metal cap toe” and these awesome boots popped up from Nordstrom Rack. They were 50% off and needed to be mine!

Sweater: Gap
Jeans: Express
Boots: Checklist – Checklist Story Metal Combat Boot via Nordstrom Rack





The boots are really comfortable and they have zippers on both sides. One side has a faux zipper and one side has the functioning zipper. I love the metal cap toe because it’s definitely something different than the usual boots or booties you see around. There is a slight heel which also has a strip of the same metal on each heel. Something fun and new for my feet!

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