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Elastic Heart

A few days ago when I posted my March Favorites I said the song “Goodbye” by Who is Fancy? was my favorite song of the month, but that another song swooped in at the end of the month and nearly stole the spot. The song is Sia’s “Elastic Heart” and I decided to create its own post for multiple reasons.

I love the song — I think it’s so catchy and I love the lyrics. Whatever you’ve been through whether it’s a heartbreak, tough time with friends, family, or work, sometimes  oftentimes we’re tested. I’ve had plenty of setbacks throughout my life and of course what I see as a setback might pale in comparison to someone else’s hardship and I could also think the same thing the other way around about someone else’s hard time, but I like to remember that it’s all relative.

I really like the lines in the chorus that say “I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart” because it’s true, despite setbacks you need to keep moving. And if your heart is elastic, it’s a lot harder to break. My spring break has officially started, which means it’s time to shake off any setbacks and start anew!

P.S. I know Shia LaBeouf and his crazy behavior is questionable these days, but he is looking pretty fit in this music video! Remember when he used to be goofy Louis Stevens? Also, I feel like this music video is one of those things that’s so strange but hard to take your eyes off of.

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